Response to Literature about the book Schooled

            The book we just finished reading is called Schooled by Gordon Korman.  It is about a boy named Capricorn Anderson who comes into a public school and modern life from a commune.  It tells all about his experiences, good and bad, throughout his time in 8th grade.          Cap lives on a commune with his grandmother, Rain.  Rain falls out of a plum tree and gets injured.  She goes to the hospital and she must stay there for two months to recover.  During that time, Cap goes to live in modern society with a woman named Mrs. Donnelly and her freshman daughter, Sophie.

          Sophie is rude and mean to Cap.  She calls him names like Freak-a-zoid and she dumps water on him while he does Tai-Chi on the front lawn.  She doesn’t treat him like a normal person; she thinks he is weird and came from another planet.

          Cap must go to school, so he starts 8th grade at a school called Claverage middle school, changed to C average by the school wise guy, Zach Powers.  Zach and his buddies Daryl , Lena, Naomi and a few others bully Cap.  They elect him 8th grade president, which is the biggest humiliation there is at that school. 

          Hugh Winkelman was going to be elected until Cap came.  Hugh became friends with Cap, and he was Cap’s only friend at C average.  Cap takes no notice to the bullying that Zach and his friends inflict on him.  He treats everyone with kindness, generosity, thoughtfulness, consideration, and forgiveness.

           After a while, people start liking Cap and respecting him until he is the biggest thing that has happened to the school.  He has to plan the Halloween dance and lots of people were volunteering to help out.  He soon puts all the planning in everyone else’s hands, for he doesn’t understand the balance of money and how much this dance might cost.

         The principal, Mr. Kasigi, has to leave for a while, so he gives Cap twelve signed checks for the Halloween dance.  Cap doesn’t understand that when you write an amount of money on the check, that amount of money is subtracted from your savings account.  Cap gives tons of money to all these charities, and he uses up all the money in the school savings account; $4,000.  When Mr. Kasigi gets back, he is furious and because there is no more money left for the school, he has to cancel the Halloween dance.    

     Everyone loves Cap, except Hugh and Zach.  They plan revenge on Cap, and get the whole football team to tackle him at the Pep Rally.  Then after Daryl finds out Zach had everything to do with it, he tries to punch Zach, and Cap gets in the way of the punch.  Cap then has to go to the nurse for a second time.

          Rain comes to pick Cap up in an ambulance.  They go back to Garland, their commune and they stay there for a while.  Cap sneaks away to go to the Halloween dance.  He comes across Sophie Donnelly and she drives him there.  When they arrive, they find everyone out in the parking lot dressed up in hippy clothing, just like Cap wore! 

          Everyone was saying kind things about Cap, thinking he was dead.  Once everyone sees him and sees that he isn’t dead, they are all extremely happy.  Everyone hugs Cap and cheers for him, and they just are really happy to see him after he left.

          Rain becomes modern and sells Garland.  Cap has to go to school, and he is to go to C average middle school.  That was the end, the excellent end.

           The moral of this story is that if you are generous, thoughtful, kind, considerate, caring and forgiving, eventually everyone will be that way to you.  Cap is always nice to people.  When Sophie called him freak-a-zoid and other mean names, he just treated her with lots of kindness.

          When Zach and his group elect Cap 8th grade president and tell him to go to meetings in rooms that don’t even exist, Cap doesn’t get frustrated or mad.  When he meditates, Zach and his friends steal Cap’s corn husk shoes and hang them on the flagpole.  Cap doesn’t do anything mean to them or even say anything about it.  When Sophie was disappointed about her Dad not coming through with teaching her to drive, Cap taught her, and when she made a mistake driving, Cap was patient and he kindly corrected her.

          I learned to always be nice to everyone.  Like Cap, everyone shouldn’t get mad or lose their cool (or their temper).  Everyone should treat people with kindness and eventually everyone will treat them with kindness.

          A personal connection I have is with the book itself.  The situation of the story is a real life situation and the characters have real and practical personalities.  It tells about how one person can change 1,100 people.

          I think others should read this book because it is humorous and has a realistic story line.  Reading it, you can see some real personalities some people have.  It also teaches wonderful, amazing, and effecting stories about life.

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